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Marido Para Todo .com About us

If you are looking for a professional that dominate all types of home repairs, MaridoParaTodo.com is what you are looking for. We work to hone your home or office. The experience and professionalism support us, being that the most important for us, in addition to serving, advising and guiding our clients in their household problems.

Marido Para Todo has a professional at your service in Badajoz, Cáceres, Madrid, Segovia and Mérida and in all of them with the same work philosophy. We can do the majority of the work that are requested to us, this being a great comfort for our clients, since they don´t have to worry about calling several different professionals at the same time.

Our History

About to celebrate our THIRTEENTH ANNIVERSARY. This company borned when after being unemployed after working for maintenance in a hotel in Badajoz, I decided to buy the domains on the internet seeing that they are free and register my company. In those moments of personal weakness, I thought … “What do I do here sitting on the sofa without doing anything when I know how to do everything!” “I think I can setting up my own company” “I think I will not lack work and clients” “I have to go outside and go for everything” And so I did, carrying out my ideas of entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Since then I have been thought that the best is not give up. I try to carry out every thought for the progress of MaridoParaTodo and I try to work on them and make them known to my clients.

The two parallel lines, clearly marked during the years of my company´s history, and for which I work every day and dedicate my greatest efforts, are the attention to my clients, carry out the notices they give me daily, and try that all my clients are comfortable with my work and with my attention.

The second, is the franchise MaridoParaTodo.com, trying to make it known to my possible franchisees and paying attention to those that already exist, helping them and giving them encouragement. Both in the case of franchisees, which I think are practically the same as mine, and their character is entrepreneur and have the same merit, since they fight just like me with all their strength in times of crisis to stay and lead their business:

Carlos Acosta (MaridoParaTodo.com manager in Cáceres)

Carlota Sanz (Gerente de Marido Para Todo . com en Segovia)

Mané Talavera (MaridoParaTodo.com manager in Madrid)

José Manuel Ceberino (MaridoParaTodo.com manager in Mérida)

Nowadays I know (because lot of people tell me) that I am an example, and there are many entrepreneurs who follow my career, or Carlos, Francisco, Mané, or Carlota, Antonio or Juan´s career. That is why many times I feel and additional responsibility, in addition to the personal pride I feel when I hear the congratulations people give me and the encouragement that I receive. I hope not to disappoint anyone, and to continue training to make it better every day, and be able to help other people who may find themselves in the same situation.

The truth is that there are many companies and entrepreneurs who have imitated me and I think they will continue to do so. My business idea has already been copied by companies nationwide, but it is the risk when you the ideas are exposed. What I can say is that I a, not going to consent to anyone copying me, or plagiarizing the name of my brand which is registered since 2010.

On the other hand, since the company start, I collaborate, selflessly, with some public institutions giving talks in events. And I will not mind continuing to do this because if you help, in the end, you will collect positive rewards. It is necessary to sow in order to get the crops.