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Electrical panels, electrical installations, renovation from lighting to LED, repair of plugs and switches, update wiring, individual DTT antennas…


Repair and replacement of taps and stopcocks, unblocks in toilets, leaks, broken pipes, tanks mechanisms …


Interior and exterior painting, placement of papers and vinyls, painting effects, smoothing walls with “gotelé”, furniture lacquering, special paints ….


Electrical installation review, cleaning of gutters, roofs and drains, fixing of humidity, doors and windows maintenance, leaking faucets ….


Renovation and/or motorization of pvc or aluminium blinds, ropes and ribbons, placement of curtains and rods, Mallorcan, Venetian, roller and Japanese blinds …

Mosquito Net

Installation, replacement or repair of sliding mosquito nets, rolling mosquito nets, fixed mosquito nets, hinged, folding or pleated mosquito nets …


We make braziers platforms for round, square or rectangular tables, doors sanding and lacquering , windows and all kinds of furniture…


Assembly of shelves or furnitures, installation or renovatioins of clotheslines and ropes, hinge arrangements, replacement of handles, bowler and latches…


Air conditioning installations, accumulators or thermos of ACS, installation of intelligent lighting, placement of ovens, ceramis hobs and hoods …


Hand-made shelves in plasterboard or resilla, tiled kitchens or bathrooms, divisions or partitions of brick, plasterboard, glass or glass blocks, installations of bars …


Replacement by sliding windows and shutters, fall protection windows, terrace or laundry enclosures, thermal and acoustic insulation on walls…


Toilets renovation, replacement of bathtub with shower trays, repair of broken or detached tiles, electric towel rails, heaters, handles…


In we are dedicated to tune your home. The experience and professionalism support us, being that the most important for us, in addition to serving, advising and guiding our clients in their household problems. We are in Badajoz, Cáceres, Madrid and Mérida and in all of them with the same work philosophy. We can do the majority of the work that are requested to us, this being a great comfort for our clients, since they don´t have to worry about calling several different professionals at the same time.

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